CT Ingenieros is leading a precision agricultural project for orange trees using drones


CT Ingenieros is leading a precision agricultural project for orange trees using drones

The consortium is formed by Spanish and South Korean companies and will use protocols to detect the degree of ripeness, the hydration or level of sugar in the oranges. The project applies multi-spectrum technology using drones.

CT Ingenieros is leading the project of investigation DITIPO whose aim is to monitor the state of the orange trees using drones. The method for monitoring will gather both multi and hyper spectrum images captured by the drone (UAV) both of the trees and their fruit. This data will be processed to establish protocols capable of diagnosing the parameters of nutrition, hydration, diseases, output per hectare or the state of maturity of the orange trees. The project is part of the development of intelligent agriculture, an emerging concept which combines technology and sensors to achieve precision agriculture which will increase production output by closely analysing variability.

The consortium on the project is led by CT Ingenieros and with the collaboration of: the University of Cordoba and South Korean organisations LiFEnTech, the National University Chungnam from Daejeon city and Maestor Technological Institute. The project aims to develop multi-spectrum technology in the deployment of drones in order to estimate the output of the orange trees and also to detect diseases and stages of maturity in the different varieties of trees. It will gather data concerning the levels of sugar, acidity, pulp or juice.

This three-year project is endorsed by the Eureka Quality Seal which gives support to significant projects that develop important technologies for European competitivity. This investigation project has been financed by CDTI (the Centre for Industrial Technological Development) in a bi-lateral agreement with South Korea. DITIPO is the abbreviation for the Development of ICT fusion information acquisition & processing technology of smart farming for production & distribution of oranges.