Ingeniería de software

The CT Engineering Group has specialized on professional engineering for Software and complex systems. For optimal quality and performance, we apply latest agile Methods and use efficient tool-sets. Agile Development with Scrum – ifneeded – scaled to formal requirements including formal qualification. Continuous Delivery wit functions-approach for rapid User Experience and Feedback and availability of latest changes in customer systems.

As example for of our success stories, we develop complex systems such as software full-flight simulator and web-applications based on Java and Angular technologies meeting highest-scalability, security and UX requirements. 

Additionaly to excellet Methods and Tools we complete our work with a professional and responsible release management and configuration management. We ensure reproducibility of releases, traceability and clarity on versions of allcomponents that we included to a build of our products. Always tested and released compliant to strict internal and/or external standards. 


Agile Development

Continuous Delivery


UX/Requirements Gathering


UI & System Testing