CT leads the EDF funded KOIOS 10 million euro defence industrial cooperation Artificial Intelligence project.

The KOIOS project proposal, led by CT, has been selected by the European Commission to develop Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications for the defence sector within the European Defence Fund (EDF) programme. CT leads a consortium of 14 entities (companies, universities, technology centres and European SMEs) including the Barcelona Supercomputing Center – National Supercomputing Center (BSC-CNS) and NTT DATA, in a 10 million euro AI focused defence industrial cooperation project.


22 Jul 2022

CT, a leading engineering company in technological innovation throughout the complete product lifecycle, as consortium leader, will coordinate the KOIOS Artificial Intelligence for Defence initiative, selected by the European Commission within the EDF 2021 call, the results of which have been published this Wednesday. ‘The awarding of this project is a two-fold milestone for CT, both for its role as coordinator in such a large projects, worth 10 million euros, and for being the first time that the EU has funded an AI research project in the Defence sector. We are proud to enhance our role as an industry driver in the Defence sector in the European framework’, explains David Prieto, CT’s Head of Innovation.

The KOIOS project will develop new AI-based methods to improve the robustness and frugality of current methods and their adaptation to the evolving environment, with minimal intervention, to reduce the data requirements and monitoring needed to train and adapt AI systems. To this end, the consortium will develop a collaborative platform for AI experts and sector operators to share data, models and knowledge. The project will investigate rapidly deployable AI models, where there are no users with AI expertise or where they have to adapt to unfamiliar threats.

KOIOS is designed to ensure humane, safe, accountable and ethical monitoring according to the standards developed by the EU.

The initiative will be implemented by a consortium of 14 entities composed of Technology Centres, universities, and companies from eight countries: Germany, Ireland, France, Italy, Greece, the Netherlands, Sweden and Spain. Part of the success in positioning KOIOS as an EDF winning proposal is attributable to the Spanish alliance formed by CT, the Barcelona Supercomputing Center – Centro Nacional de Supercomputación (BSC-CNS) and NTT DATA, partners that will provide key capabilities and infrastructure in areas such as computational science and applications. The Barcelona Supercomputing Center will provide a mix of experience, leadership and know-how in the development of advanced computing and strategic management applications and platforms combined with AI models, through the use of high-performance supercomputing infrastructures. On its side, NTT DATA will contribute to two key aspects: the development of on-board Artificial Intelligence, which provides the systems with tools for the detection, recognition and identification of objects; and through the Tactical HDC solution, a hyper-converged data centre that accelerates the deployment of adaptable and robust infrastructures, including Edge computing capabilities.

About KOIOS:
This project, with reference nº 101103770, has been financed by the European Commission under the European Defence Fund.

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