CT develops a web application for UAV that monitors crops conditions for smart farming.

CT moves forward with its strategic R&D project Papua, approaching precision farming, which allows monitoring the crops conditions in representative time. One year later, the initiative has already its own a web application, which allows farmers to manage their corps productivity and yields, as well as to optimize the necessary water resources, thanks to the accurate weather conditions data provided.

CT, the leading engineering company in technological innovation throughout the complete product life cycle, takes further steps in the Papua R&D project, a software platform that monitors the crops conditions in a representative time, supported by the use of unmanned aerial vehicles. This approach to precision agriculture responds to the farmers’ needs to get ahead and adapt to weather conditions, in order to ensure their crops productivity and yields.

The software approaches the sustainability of agricultural activities, offering the necessary information to optimize water and nutritional resources, as well as to identify the optimal moment of the harvest, or detect pests and manage crop senescence. Moreover, CT team is working on the implementation of additional indicators for the post-harvest phase and its integration with other applications used for mission management and meteorological information.

In order to enable all these applications, CT has carried out a thorough study of the functional and technical requirements of the project. These have been used to develop the system architecture for each of the modules and to define the KPIs (main plant indicators and variables of interest) to be integrated into the tool. Finally, the CT team has programmed the different software modules (Web Platform, Image Processing, Mission Planning) and has integrated them into the web application.

Papua is one of the three projects addressing UAV that CT participates in, along with Vestol and Ditipo. Through this initiative, CT explores a very ambitious application in the field of precision agriculture, putting this technology at the service of farmers.

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