CT collaborates with Unión Fenosa Distribución, part of the Naturgy Group, on the expansion, renovation and development of new electrical substations.

CT’s work team, with more than 20 years of experience, brings its knowledge and experience with leading national and international customers in the expansion, renovation and development of all new high voltage electrical substations, regardless of their type – outdoor, indoor or mixed – and technology – conventional, hybrid or GIS.

As part of the 2017-2019 Substation Engineering framework agreement, CT has collaborated with Unión Fenosa Distribución, part of the Naturgy Group on different new substations development. The CT teams have carried out their work in the highly varied disciplines involved in this type of installations: Electrical-Mechanical Engineering, Protection and Control, Building and Architecture, Fire Protection, and Cooling.

  • Electrical-Mechanical Engineering.

Depending on the final nature of the service, the scope of this service covers the following activities:

  • Basic Engineering: Basic definition of the installation, mainly by drawing up the general implementation plan, single line drawings, measurements and budget
  • Technical-Administrative Project.
  • Electrical-Mechanical Construction Project: Complete project or requested by independent sections, assembly specifications, each with its measurements and plans.
  • Preparation of as-built plans of the Construction project: civil works in outdoor installations, civil construction work and electromechanical assembly plans.
  • Health and Safety Study: Report, Specific terms and conditions, technical risk data sheets and preventive measures, technical sheets of the general terms and conditions, and Plans.
  • Miscellaneous: Studies and Calculations. Review of Technical Documentation.


  • Protection and Control Engineering

This section includes the detailed electrical design, protection and control schemes, control and power interconnection and substation equipment, as well as calculations and the associated communications, remote control and metering interactions, among others:

  • Design and drafting of the control, metering, protection and communications project.
  • Analysis and cost estimation of the installation and initial data.
  • Requesting the necessary initial data depending on the installation.
  • Collection of information on the installations.
  • Analysis of compatibility with existing protection.
  • Selection and sizing of control and low voltage power cables.
  • Preparation of interconnection diagrams and cable lists and the interface with existing equipment and panels (if applicable).
  • Selection and sizing of centralisation boxes and components.
  • Plans and design documentation.
  • Technical support for the procurement of supplies, if necessary.
  • Management of the documentation generated using the corporate systems so that it is perfectly registered in accordance with the Group’s quality standards.

The technical documentation includes the documentation needed to contract the execution and commissioning of the works that will include the following, among other documents:

  • Protection and control engineering, metering, communications and remote control.
  • Modification of the substation’s existing schematics.
  • Schematics developed for protection, control, metering, communications and the auxiliary services system.
  • Specification of equipment:
  • Detailed technical specification
  • Technical sheet
  • Report and calculations for the selection and sizing of control and power cables.
  • Wiring and connection schematics.
  • As-Built plans after the completion of the works


  • Civil works and architecture service.

This section includes the specific definition of the scope of the Civil Engineering, Architecture and a glossary of general concepts.

  • Initial design: specific definition of the scope of the Architecture units, Civil Engineering and a glossary of general concepts.
  • Separate Civil Works Sections and Basic Architecture Project
  • Estimated Cost Report
  • Civil works construction project and architectural execution project:
  • Reports and Annexes: calculation reports, specifications and necessary annexes include the quantitative and qualitative definition of form.
  • Detailed design: complete development of detailed engineering, includes all of the tasks to design, calculate and define the construction solutions.
  • Plans: graphic documentation that cover the geometric, quantitative and qualitative definition of the elements to be built
  • Other services
  • Review of transformer plans through preliminary IPPs: dimension plan, transport plan, nameplate, valve plate, electrical diagrams and electrical diagrams of the changer.
  • Design and drafting of the Cooling project.
  • Fire Protection.

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