CT manages service bulletins for the A400M aircraft.

Since 2013, we have been working side by side with Airbus Defence and Space to develop the service bulletins for the A400M aircraft. These bulletins reflect our commitment to continuously improving our deliverables as well as the implementation of new technologies.

We have analyzed and defined the instructions required to implement any modification carried out on Service Fleet. Some of the biggest challenges that our service bulletins team has faced included the retrofit of the aircraft’s aluminum frame, the installation of GPS antennas, DASS UK and PODs, Retrofit campaign Step2 and Batch 3.1.

Our service bulletin management service begins by studying the problem, followed by defining the procedures that need to be implemented, as well as coming up with a technical solution and finally the creation of a service bulleting with authoring and illustrations. Managing service bulletins can be complex for various reasons, such as different airplanes versions, and the need to coordinate work with other departments in order to reach the best solution, as well as all ATAs involved.

As a result, we helped Airbus to define a procedure to identify the documentation applicable to each aircraft (by s/n), as well as procedures with technical instructions to implement solutions in each aircraft.

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