Improve your fleet management system using Virtual and Augmented Reality.

In order to help our customers more efficiently manage their fleets, CT has developed one of the most immersive and cost reducing tools available in the market.

We can help you to reduce time and costs spent on training and better maintain your fleet, by giving you direct access to all the information you need, such as logistics, technical manuals, maintenance management, historical maintenance and much more, all in a single tool.

You can manage, visualize and edit all this information directly from a web portal that can be accessed through a tablet or other AR device. Augmented or Virtual Reality applications can be used to guide technicians during maintenance tasks or to train them in a specific vehicle.

With your tablet or AR device you can overlap virtual information on a real vehicle that provides step by step instructions on how to do a specific maintenance task.

This application has also been developed for training purposes. You can see the different systems, their elements and navigate through them using Augmented Reality overlaid directly on the real vehicle.

You can also update the database directly through your handheld device, adding comments, pictures, or any other relevant information.

This tool was developed for a vehicle fleet in the military sector but can be easily be used in any other industry.

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