Manufacturing engineering support throughout the whole conversion process of the A330 Multi Role Tanker Transport.

MRTT Refuelling A400M. Source: Airbus Media Center

The Airbus A330 Multi Role Tanker Transport (MRTT) is an aerial refueling tanker aircraft based on the civilian Airbus A330. Since 2009, CT has been supporting Airbus DS in manufacturing engineering activities related to this conversion, from the reception of the civilian Airbus A330 all the way to the delivery of the MRTT.

We are also using Catia Manufacturing Solutions to digitalize various activities, to support the workshop and reduce the environmental footprint through paperless digital documentation. Our team specialized in immersive technologies and software development is helping to transfer the documentation from the current digital tablet format to Virtual Reality using the new Microsoft Hololens.

Throughout the process of conversion of the civil A330 aircraft into an MRTT we have overcome different challenges using different approaches, such as concurrent engineering, the industrialization of new processes and the standardization of methods and processes.

Our contribution in the conversion consisted of managing concurrence with other departments and providing graphical work instructions, workshop support, technical support for production and defining Catia Manufacturing Solutions. As a result, we optimized the time and resources used in the conversion, while building synergies between different areas throughout the entire process.

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