Full engineering scope for Van Oord´s dredges.

VOX Amalia and her sister ship VOX Alexia, are two of the latest additions to Van Oord’s fleet, that firm being one of the world leaders in the dredging business, offshore activities (Oil & Gas) and offshore wind power; the firm employs more than 4,500 people and has a fleet of over 100 vessels.

The dredges were constructed at the Basque shipyard of La Naval, CT being responsible for all the vessel engineering, from the plans for approval by the Classification Society to the production plans, including both the basic and detailed engineering, the company also being responsible for the finite element calculations required, over 100,000 hours being spent on engineering activities.

The ships are part of Van Oord’s new generation of suction hopper dredgers, designed to be more energy efficient and to reduce the carbon footprint to a minimum during operations.

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