We perform high value-added activities for the A350 XWB S-19, achieving cost reductions throughout the product life cycle.

A350-1000 British Airways MSN326 FAL start. Ⓒ Airbus SAS 2019 Philippe Masclet – Master Films

CT has been providing engineering services for the A350 XWB S-19 since 2014. Thanks to our long experience we have become highly specialized in the 900 and 1000 versions and we have thorough knowledge of all their components. We carry out activities of high added value such as optimizing structural components to reduce weight, conceptual definition of the product, carbonization of metallic structures, certifications and several trade-offs and modifications aimed at saving costs in the product life cycle and increasing production ratios.

CT is present in every development phase of this product, providing global and integrated services from our Design, Stress and Manufacturing departments. We are particularly strong in the areas of Fatigue and Damage Tolerance in both metallic and composite materials and support for manufacturing and assembly to solve defects and non-conformities

The objective of this project was to define a new primary structure element based on composites, through the management of models. CT provided state-of-the-art solutions to optimize the weight of the structure and provide a design that reduces costs and allows for high manufacturing ratios. To achieve these results, we defined the structure (sizing), analyzed and justified the structure stress, and carried out extensive fatigue activities.

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