We support Airbus throughout the verification & validation process, managing the A400M global avionics integration simulator.

The A400M Integration Simulator is a key tool in the verification & validation process. The test bench is connected to a large amount of real equipment to ensure the authenticity required for a number of tests such as:

  • Aircraft software and hardware development, integration and validation.
  • Flight clearance and civil / military certifications.
  • Support flight tests and ground / flight testing workload reduction.
  • Customer pilot training & in-service snag analysis.

To help our client study the complex operational and mission scenarios that this complex simulation test bench allows, CT is in charge of managing, operating and upgrading the facility with new capabilities, as well as supporting maintenance and test execution activities.

Our mission in the project was focused on the S401, the A400M integration laboratory, required for development, verification & validation testing and troubleshooting. We were also responsible for the bench architecture and simulation management, the S401 configuration, operation and acquisition as per test requirements, and finally, for workload planning and bench use at required efficiency.

The main challenges we have overcome were defining the capabilities of the S401 in line with the program requirements, performing hardware and software updates as well as simulation updates, coordinating multiple stakeholders, and ensuring coverage of the S401 testing workload.

Our tasks in the simulator have been key to successfully archiving the verification & validation tests of the S401.

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