Software Engineering and Dev-Ops

The CT Engineering Group has specialized on professional engineering for Software and complex systems. For optimal quality and performance, we apply latest agile Methods and use efficient tool-sets. Agile Development with Scrum – ifneeded – scaled to formal requirements including formal qualification. Continuous Delivery wit functions-approach for rapid User Experience and Feedback and availability of latest changes in customer systems.

As example for of our success stories, we develop complex systems such as software full-flight simulator and web-applications based on Java and Angular technologies meeting highest-scalability, security and UX requirements. 

Additionaly to excellet Methods and Tools we complete our work with a professional and responsible release management and configuration management. We ensure reproducibility of releases, traceability and clarity on versions of allcomponents that we included to a build of our products. Always tested and released compliant to strict internal and/or external standards. 


Agile Development

Continuous Delivery


UX/Requirements Gathering


UI & System Testing